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Gary Lane’s

Offbeat Professional  River Trips  with "Private Experience Feel"

by Raft & Dory

Riverese is our
first language.




Lower Salmon River

 1/2 to 5 day trips
(year round)



Grande Ronde River

 3-5 day trips
(spring, summer, fall)

  Owyhee Rivers
3-6 day trips
(spring only)

Types of trips we do:

Whitewater - mild to wild,  year round
Scenic & Wildlife Tours - year round
Steelhead Fishing - spring and fall
Salmon Fishing - spring only
Chukar Safaris - fall only
Theme Trips - seasonal

Reading Nature’s Language and the River's Talk is what we do best.

Led by trained wildlife biologist with emphasis on natural history and the human landscape.

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About the Lower Salmon River:

 Idaho's Secret Watershed Seductorous 
It is our featured river and where we live year round. Our hometown is Riggins, along the very banks of the river.

The Sensuous Salmon River contains a seductive natural beauty akin to the powers of those ancient Sirens that lured the hearts of any mariner close enough to hear their song. Likewise, the music of this powerful river will work it's magic on you, if you dare get close enough to hear it.  Only in this case, the consequences will be well worth being taken in by it.

What makes this river so powerful? Perhaps it is partly due to location and purity of character.  The lower gorge through which we travel is the second deepest canyon in North America. From top to bottom, it is the longest undammed, free flowing river in the lower continental US.  Historically, it has gained fame as the "river of no return" - which came from it's rapids near North Fork that caused Lewis and Clark to alter their journey in 1805. (they missed the boat on this one).

Flying under the radar, this section of river does not have the notoriety that some of the more touted upper regions, and various other popularized rivers in the West bask under.  And we like it so. This semi-secret place contains as much scenic and geologic value as any of the most famous places people race each other to see. Only here, solitude will be your companion, rather than massive crowds of human's loving an area to death.

To see it, why not consider joining those of us who actually live on the very banks of this spectacular waterway.  With over 40 years of never ending exploration, not many niches escape our scrutiny. 

Best Guides in the world? How can we be,  when many other companies already claim to have the ultimate guides working for them?  We can’t make such outrageous claims, but we are still a good choice, all the same. After all, whom would you rather travel with, a 21 year old seasonal guide, or the owner of the company with boats older than that and is on the water year round? 

So why Wapiti?  

Unusual journeys, uncommon experiences, and non - conventional style are three good reasons.   Wapiti doesn’t conform to the normal cookie-cutter guide service. Yes, we dance to a different drum beat. We aren't trying to be the biggest or the best outfit in the world. Five star gourmet meals and one-upmanship is not our aim.  Our food is good, but more time is spent seeing extra things the river has to offer than losing it to all that preperation required in the kitchen for fancy impressions.

We also don't dilute our attention between tons of other rivers. Rather, we continue increasing our depth of understanding to the Lower Salmon in Idaho and two river's in Oregon: Grande Ronde and Owyhee.  We value learning more intimately the places we offer sharing with others.

Glorified babysitting? Not with us. For extravagant pampering go with outfits that offer that type of experience.  For relaxed participation and more personal engagement with nature, we might be the outfit more suitable for you.  Community and interconnected relationships is nature's way.

Why does it matter who you travel with?  The same reason it matters when you choose to fly on an airline with a highly experienced pilot like “Sully” Sullenberger who successfully crash-landed a US Airways jet in the Hudson River after it lost both engines in a collision with a flock of geese. Or the same reason it matters when choosing a surgeon to operate on you or a family member.  

When you choose to participate in a risk taking adventure:

Guides with Wapiti are indigenous to and intimately in-tune with the areas we tour. They all grew up loving rivers so much that  they turned  a professional passion into a lifestyle career.

Your trip with us:  is not so much about how radically different we are from the pack (though we are) as it is about how unique will be YOUR experience if you travel with us. This is why we focus on small group travel options.

Why? Because each trip is about you. Your experiences and stories. Not someone else's. We will take you to a deeper level of appreciation for the areas you tour with us, because we can go where large groups can't and do things they won't.

Nature's magic:  We like to think of our river trips as more like a magic show. However, unlike most magicians, we (as ecological magicians) will show you how nature’s tricks are done. That is, except for the ones we haven’t figured out yet. 

Our intention is to help people see the world with fresh eyes and savor different perspectives of nature’s magic show.

Simply put: you will gain experiences with us that you just can’t get somewhere else.

Our back to nature getaways are professionally led journeys without the commercial feel. Small group travel is the only genuine dynamic we know of, that helps create a more authentic and personalized outdoor experience. Solitude and elbow room is where you can know thyself.

But what we say matters little, compared to what others say:

"One of a kind experience:

June 19, 2009 - Wapiti River Guides is one of those amazing vacation "finds" that you run across every now and then. This is a small outfit, which has been in business for over 30 years. 

The owner and river guide, Gary, is the reason that this outfit is so special. Gary is a professional and extremely knowledgeable about the river and the natural nature around it. He is college educated in wildlife management, but several decades ago he adopted the Native American lifestyle...We felt 100% safe with Gary, he is clearly a pro and knows every drop of water in the rivers of this region. Needless to say, the scenery is stunning beyond belief. You will be amazed every second of this trip."

Sara Sawyer - Austin, TX

Why no YouTube video?  We feel some things are better left encountered at the river. Keeping the mystery in mystery, is far more exciting than revealing everything all at once. Mystery and the Unknown are your best partners for adventure.

Rivers make good medicine with us, we make good medicine with rivers.
Take the pill for a quintessential river experience.

We only reserve trips in person or via phone conversatons,
as we wish to fine tune your adventure to a custom fit.


or if using a cell phone: 208:628-3523

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