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We are Gary and Barb Lane, owners of the “Wapiti Clan.” We make our home on the Salmon River in Riggins, Idaho’s whitewater mecca, where we are able to offer personalized adventure and nature trips that build an immense appreciation for the exceptional resources in the Pacific Northwest.

Gary grew up playing on rivers near La Grande, Oregon. He worked as a wildlife biologist after studying at Oregon State University. Gary developed an immense respect for nature and indigenous cultures. He lived in a tipi for several years and became an advocate in Native American interests. Gary built on his experience as a guide for Martin Litton’s Grand Canyon Dories and found his way to the Salmon River where he established Wapiti River Guides.

In 1994, Gary served as Chairman of the first salmon festival in Riggins, raising awareness of the salmon plight and treaty obligations. A few years later, Gary and a handful of others resurrected an annual ceremony to welcome the salmon returning from their epic journey. This sacred ceremony continues each May and is attended by members of native tribes as well as interested local residents.

Highly respected by both young guides and elders of the river, Gary is a genuine sentinel of rivers and indigenous ways. He finds great satisfaction in sharing what he has learned with others in an optimal environment for experiencing nature at its core.

Barb grew up in Louisiana, where she gained her southern accent and down-to-earth hospitality. She moved to Boise, Idaho, in 1970 and worked for Hewlett Packard for 19 years. With a shared appreciation for nature and indigenous cultures, she and Gary have built a lifetime of adventures and stories. Barb is the friendly voice you will hear when you call to book a trip.


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