For Salmon and Steelhead by drift boat

Salmon, Trout, & Steelhead Fishing Trips

  • Drift boat fishing is our specialty.  Enjoy padded seats with back rests, and an umbrella and heater if conditions get harsh.
  • Standard drift fishing gear and lunch are provided on day trips. Fly fishing gear is not provided, but may be brought by guests.
  • We accommodate2-3 people per boat.
  • 1-6 day trips are available. In the fall these can be combined with chukar hunting.
  • Our custom trips are why people likeCecil Andrus fish with us.

Idaho: Salmon River

Each spring and fall, salmon and steelhead journey up the Salmon River.  The chasm they must make passage through is the second deepest in North America.  It is jaw-dropping beautiful.

Salmon enter our waters in late April, but are not here in force until May and June. This is when we fish for them.  They are huge and fight hard. It is like grabbing a bolt of lightning and trying to reel it in.

Follow the salmon and steelhead progress:  &



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