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Rivers are the soul of the land. Many people come to the river to ride its flow, when in reality it is their deeper inward flow that they end up feeling.



Astronomy on Lower Salmon      August 17-22, 2020

 Special Price: Six days for the regular price of five days $1299

 Unusual  events helped inspire the field of astrology in ancient times, as people questioned the meaning behind constellations, planetary movements, and celestial alignments. Science soon spawned the field of astronomy to advance many new discoveries behind the meanings and mechanics of these heavenly observations.

Want to learn some new constellations, as well as many other aspects of the mysterious night sky? Come with us to enjoy one of the most beautiful stretches of Idaho’s famous Salmon River under a plethora of celestial circumstances.


Project Wild – River Ecology

3 days: To Be Announced. (Wind River – Lucile) Price: $450 not including credit.

Salmon River near Riggins, Idaho

Designed for Teachers & Educators
This river adventure is designed as a “floating classroom” filled with practical solutions to help educators incorporate unique projects into their tool box for better teaching. The exciting agenda is full of exploratory side stops and hands on demonstrations that can be used to help inspire the inquisitive minds of young students. Our rafts are like mobile labs used to explore the forensics of nature.

The beauty of floating a wild river and camping-out to facilitate the “Project Wild” curricula is that being thoroughly engulfed by the magical salmon river canyon is an exciting venue to enhance the learning experience. In today’s techno-crazed “brain-in-a-bottle” world, very much estranged from the outdoors, it is more crucial than ever to find ways to get students to unplug and get back in touch with nature. A good education in conservation and the natural sciences is essential for wise resource stewardship for tomorrow’s leaders. Reading Nature’s Language is the name of the game.

Adventure inspires adventure, and what better jaw dropping way to engage the wonders of nature than to float through the very middle of it all. You can’t hold a free flowing river in a bucket, any more than you can dance without moving to the music. Go with the flow to know.
Project Wild is a program promoted by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. They will provide a professional facilitator for the college credit curriculum on this trip.

IDF&G fee: $25. (Paid to IDGF&G)
College Credit fee: $60 (optional) (paid to IDF&G)

Note: these two fees are in addition to the float trip price **Wapiti does not collect the college credit fee or the IDF&G fee**