AS OF: Feb 24, 2022

Attention: Having been vaccinated, we are back open for business after time off due to Covid. 


Fortunately, it appears with the available vaccines it will be safe enough for us to begin running trips again this spring/summer/fall for those who have been vaccinated. Hopefully people will continue to follow the necessary community precautions until enough people have gotten their shots to  reach herd immunity.

We are now running spring steelhead and salmon fishing trips. Then come fall we will run fall steelhead fishing and chukar hunting safaris.  From mid-Oct forward is prime time for fishing, as this time of year is when a healthy portion of the annual migration and major portion of the population of steelhead arrive to our area. 

Chukar on the other hand, are up and down the slopes as dictated by weather and conditions, so sometimes require major climbs to get to them. That means hunters need a good pair of legs to go where the birds are, accompanied by healthy lungs.  Hint, hint.  

After spring fishing we will be running whitewater trips on the Lower Salmon River. The section we run is from Vinegar Creek to Heller Bar. Half day and day trips are done locally in the Riggins area, wile longer trips are in the more remote section below Whitebird.  We specialize in dory runs for the more adventurous.  But also offer raft, both oar rig or paddle trips on sections that range from  mild to wild.

In the meantime, while waiting to get back out on the river for whatever the chosen adventure, there is always the option to get one of my two  books to read up on our area before your trip:

Vol 1   Idaho’s Salmon River Chronicles

Reflections of a River Guide                                 Gary Lane’s Oar Lore

Amazon customer review:

“Those of us who have run rivers with Gary know him to be a superb yarn spinner while around a campfire and while floating down Western waterways. This book is part biography, part compendium of river lore, and part call for an ecologically minded effort to enjoy and preserve all the grandeur of our natural wilderness. This volume will appeal to those who know Gary but also to those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of befriending and learning from one of the most interesting guys you’ll ever meet, on or off the river. There’s a lot here to enjoy.”

Vol 2. Idaho’s Salmon River Chronicles

Reflections of a River Guide

Tales of Fishing, Chukar Hunting, and Natural History

Gary Lane’s Oar Lore

This book promotes a more earth/watear-centric worldview, and it serves as a clarion call to not over-love the Blue Dot we all call home. It will have a special appeal to river guides who often facilitate experiences that can have a life-changing impact on their guests. Such is the beauty and efficacy of River Medicine.
Available: signed copies at our shop, and/or kindle version or paperback at Amazon.

 Links to favorite places, people, and cool stuff:

www.MountainAngels.com  –  This is a site to a long-time-ago river friend and his creative silversmith art, along with other  cool stuff. His Campfire Tales and River Songs with Johnny Buffalo is a CD I listen to often.  It gets you back on the river even when you are not on the river.


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